Customer portal


Welcome to the customer portal

Report your incidents, ask a question, check the status of your cases or send a response. 

First, login to our support portal at After receiving the login information use CASE page and create New CASe with detailed description of your problem. You do not have to be brief; rather try to give full information. Do not forget to include important things such as: 

 - software license number 

- software version 

- database type 

- hardware description 

- operating and network systems involved 

- name of your supplier 

- brief description of issue handling by your supplier 

- description of the problem.   

You may also include your previous correspondence with the supplier related to the issue in question. 

We will try to help you as soon as possible and normally, you can expect our answer the same 

or the next business day.  

For customers without maintenance agreement  the support assistance is time-based, for each started 15-minutes interval we are charging one coupon (EURO 25.00).